The only standalone

and most secure vault

for digital assets and ID

About us

Our mission

We deliver the best in the world privacy-focused and security-oriented products to help our users navigate safely through digital world. We build Bitfold - first standalone private vault for all of digital assets and identity, based on our patented hardware technology.

Hardware + Software

We develop software, including our Linux-based operating system, in C and VHDL only. We design our hardware product on the industrial-grade equipment, including PXI, Automatic SMD Assembly Line and high-class oscilloscopes. Our R&D center is located in the very centre of Poland - Łódź.

Dream Team

We are extremely proud to work with world-class specialists in electronics, programming and cybersecurity, experienced in delivering sophisticated products for i.a. Tesla, BMW, Audi, J&J, European Space Agency, Carl-Zeiss, Thales ATM, Fraunhofer Institute and even advising to CERN, some for over 20 years. Therefore, we offer unique opportunity to learn from the best by working hand in hand with the most proficient people in the industry. We received over $5,37 million grant from NCBR and we have also raised over $3,2 million from early stage investors so far.

If you wish to learn more and receive periodic updates on the project growth, please make sure to reach out to moc.dloftib@srotsevni, providing your background and mentioning the reasons for you interest in our endeavor.

It you want to work with us, please make sure to check our open positions here.

Our values


This is the foundation of all our values, that enables open communication and creativity. We assume positive intent of our teammates and partners. We are receptive to every feedback and learn from it to improve in the future.


We take our commitments extremely seriously, we are 100% determined to deliver! As soon as we face any risks, we communicate them openly.


We absolutely LOVE what we do. We are happy to dedicate our time, energy and creativity to every task we are engaged in.


We create the best in the world, beautiful products, that empower our users to protect their digital possession and identity.


We work with professionals with best-in-class long-term experience in electronics, programming and cybersecurity. We learn from each other, we mentor and grow together. To constantly improve our skills and knowledge is of great importance to us.

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Road map


Kamil's idea about new technology was written down, Blockchain Development Foundation was incorporated.

First steps

Pre-seed capital in the amount of $424 k, EU patent submissions.

2018 - 2019
2020 - 2021

Full steam ahead

Seed capital in the amount of $3,1 million, NCBR grant in the amount of $5,6 million, Dream Team recruited, EU patent granted, Bitfold AG in Switzerland established.


MVP ready, US patent granted, another funding round closed, company expansion.


Security token offering

Strategic partnerships established, wordwide marketing, STO


Market ready product - Bitfold, first worldwide deliveries, hacking contest.


If you want to receive updates on the project progress and you are interested in participating in the upcoming financial rounds, please send your email together with your profile information to moc.dloftib@srotsevni